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About VantagePoint
VantagePoint for iOS enables secure, mobile capture and cataloguing of visual evidence from crime scenes or any mobile device. Designed for use by law enforcement agencies in the field or the lab, VantagePoint immediately secures images with a SHA-1 hash to prevent tampering and ensure accurate reporting and a secure chain of evidence that is readily admissible in court. Images are stored outside of the standard photo library and the hash is immediately written to a separate, locked database.

Images can be collected and filed into cases with real-time audio notes and embedded location information. Videos are also hashed, and all evidence can be reviewed on the device or synced to a computer for direct report output that can be viewed in standard Web browsers.

The complete kit provides the option of a 20x, ultra-compact portable microscope with a stabilizing mount and a custom field relief attachment for the 5th-generation iPod Touch. With the attachment, high-resolution preview images are available on the 4" device screen. This microscope contains top-quality, high-definition optics, and is made in the U.S.A. With this option, VantagePoint provides an ideal, streamlined solution for securely capturing microscopic field evidence that is invisible to the naked eye.

  • Capture images and videos immediately (without needing to create a case first)
  • Create cases to organize data
  • Add written and audio notes to evidence items
  • Use encrypted SHA-1 hash to prevent evidence tampering
  • Export cases through iTunes
  • Display location information for each evidence item and case
iOS App
  • 5th generation iPod Touch with pre-loaded copy of VantagePoint
  • Articulating arm for unit positioning
  • Water proof protective device case (meets military IE-68 and 810F-516 specifications)
  • Optional, ultra-compact, 20x high-definition microscope attachment, made in the U.S.A.
  • Secondary LED light source
  • All packaged in a water proof Pelican case with a built-in lock for secure transport

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